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Online Courses

During the Covid-19 pandemic many of us looked for more online CPD. We developed our Introduction to Montessori Online Course which is a series of six live webinars covering a different aspect of the Montessori theory and practice each week.


Course Content

Part 1: Theory and Terminology

Part 2: Preparing the Home/Setting - The Under 2's

Part 3: The Work Cycle, Areas of Learning and Practical Life

Part 4: The Three Period Lesson, Sensorial and Mathematics

Part 5: Language and Cultural

Part 6: Discipline and Following the Child


The Webinars

The webinars last for between one and one and a half hours each week and are live. However, if you are unable to make the live webinar it will be recorded and sent to you so that you can watch it in your own time within the week.

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