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Montessori Workshop for Childminders


Course Description

This is a series of three workshops for childminders offering an introduction to Montessori theory and practice from birth to five years. Part one concentrates on the period between birth and two years and includes the Practical Life area of the Montessori curriculum. Part two covers the Sensorial and Mathematics materials and part three covers Montessori discipline, language and the cultural areas. We will also discuss how to make materials on a budget or adapt things you already have.

Learn Together

Gather between five and ten of your childminder friends and decide whose setting you'd like to use and which days would be best for everyone. Once booked, I then come to you to deliver the workshops.

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How to Book

To arrange a booking just drop me an email to register your interest. From there we can discuss participants and suitable days.

Fee: £60 per person for three days CPD

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